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Exterior Insulation

What is Baumit PowerSystem?

Baumit PowerSystem is the newly developed thermal insulation composite system against mechanical stresses and extreme weather conditions.

How many StarTrack adhesive anchors do we need for 1m2 thermal insulation of a family house made of brick?

Guide consumption: 6 Baumit StarTrack units per square meter. Actual consumption is dependent on the specific insulated wall. Uneven areas in the subsurface, with gaps and holes, increase the number of anchors used. The maximum distance between anchors in pattern: 4 applies.

How big can the unevenness of the ground be when using ProContact for gluing?

In the case of glued ETICS (without dowels) uneven surfaces of up to +/- 10 mm in the adhesive bed can be levelled.

Is it possible to adhere StarTherm insulation boards also when the temperature at night falls under -5 °C?

StarTherm façade insulating panels adhere at temperatures as low as -5 °C: Generally speaking, the air, material and substrate temperature during application and the setting process must be above +5°C. Otherwise use special adhesive putty (Speed).


What is VOC content of this paint?

The EU limit value is 30g/l (2010) (Kat A/aWb). Baumit Divina Klima contains less than 30g/l VOC. Your Baumit-Team

the date at the back of drums shown 22/05/2015 - is this product date or expire date ?and how money month it can be stored

The date on our Baumit Tops (GranoporTop, SilikonTop, etc.) is always the production date. Storage time for Tops is minimum 12 months - always depending on storage conditions. Your Baumit-Team

I want the same as magnolia for exterior color. What number should i use?

The color code for magnolia would be in the range of 062 - in its different color tones. So we would suggest one of the following color tones: 0621 - 0624 - 0627 - 0629 Check at our color search: