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Baumit Family day Slovakia 2014

Baumit 4 Kids

Baumit and the children. This is an inexhaustible topic, showing not only the future strategies, but also the human side of a large company – for which work is important, but never an end in itself.

Baumit 4 Kids

Baumit and the children. This is an inexhaustible topic, showing not only the future strategies, but also the human side of a large company – for which work is important, but never an end in itself.



Soccer in Germany

In the middle of the World Cup in late June rose a big soccer tournament in small Sonthofen/Germany. Twelve youth teams from six countries conjured international tournament atmosphere in the Upper Bavarian lawn. It was about the Euro-TeenSoccer Cup.As of this year, there is also a Baumit programme at the Institute for Town Planning. The participants are assisted throughout their entire course of study: among other things, with plant tours, excursions to see Baumit reference projects and tasks with Baumit heat insulation systems. In the Institute's exhibition hall, a Baumit corner with samples has been set up. In order to give them an impression of Baumit perfection, in the "Façade of the Year" competition students were requested to evaluate their teacher, independently of the vote of the expert panel. A thousand students have taken part and the gala evening has already taken place twice at the construction university – with much enthusiasm and high spirits.

Baumit Germany ensured along with some reputed companies in the region that the best D-junior teams from all over Europe could compete in the stadiums. Instead of the usual eleven such a team has only nine players, namely eight field players and a goalie. Together with the Bavarian division Baumit came from Germany a team from Kaufbeuren, the FV Biberach, the SG Aulendorf and the youth teams of the national league, FC Augsburg and 1. FC Nuremberg. With FK Jablonec from the First Czech league, a selection team from Croatia and from Bosnia FC Novi Grad some top European teams were in action. The team Glarnerland, a regional selection from Switzerland, and the current champion from Vorarlberg, FC Dornbirn, completed the international guests. After a long tournament with great performances the deciding factor was eventually the force. The semi-finals were played between FC Augsburg and FC Novi Grad and FK Jablonec and FC Dornbirn. The 3rd place match won Novi Grad, and the winner was FC Augsburg.

The following day Baumit organized an adventure trail: the young soccer stars could immerse themselves in the world of winter sports in the Erdinger Arena in Oberstdorf (Four Hills Tournament and enjoy a large leisure pool in Sonthofen.
The host of the tournament is scheduled for 2-year intervals. 2016 the meeting will take place already with the next generation of soccer players.


"Family day" in Slovakia

Even in Slovakia youth soccer is an important issue. The local Baumit subsidiary sponsors since 2011 the CSFA Malacky (Czecho-Slovak soccer academy Malacky), one of the most successful soccer clubs in Slovakia.
Baumit Slovakia also organizes an annual international tournament, the Baumit Cup. This year's Cup was attended by 20 teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Croatia. For the final in Malacky, Slavia Prague won against the CSFA Malacky, the winning goal was scored in a penalty shootout.

At the end of May, Baumit celebrated his 20th anniversary under the theme “Baumit family day” in the leisure park Podvišňové at Stará Turá with more than 250 participants - employees of Baumit with partners and offspring, from babies to students. The organizers had not only good food and cool music but also prepared numerous competitions and attractions. The sporting participants were able to play soccer, beach volleyball, floorball, and for those who wanted to take it easy, even petanque was not lacking. For the little ones there were attractions such as bouncy castle, trampoline or the popular face painting.
In the evening, then all met for the solemn announcement of the results. After the award ceremony Slovakian CEO Ľuboš Fussek and Marketing Manager Tomáš Sepp were celebrating the anniversary with a ceremonial cutting of the birthday cake for Baumit. The final turn belonged to the little ones who made off with lanterns on an adventurous walk in the woods.


Research in Austria

In Austria, the evening event "Long Night of Research" is tradition. Thousands of visitors, many of them children and young people, learned at this year's night in the Klagenfurt Lakeside Park, how much creativity and high-tech can put into building materials. "Mix your favorite color!" said the invitation to the kids and their parents who used the Color Finder to choose a color from the Baumit Life-color fans. Similarly, the young craftsmen could try different rendering techniques and take home the pattern. Great interest showed the builders of the future of the insulation of a small brick house, for her ingenuity was rewarded with the chance to win a coveted iPad.

"We wanted to make research and development on the basis of our top innovations in the truest sense of the word playful tangible. Particularly impressive: the involvement of children who have been active and enthusiastic at our stations until the event has ended at eleven clock at night with a lot of creativity. The response was far beyond our expectations, "sums up Dr. Hubert Mattersdorfer, chief of the w & p Baustoffe GmbH.


Calculus and emotion

Why does a building materials company really all that? Of course, these activities bring advertising space and media coverage. And basically thus increases awareness. In addition, target groups can be reached, at which other communication strategies passed to date. The positive image of the Child and Youth Development carries over to the brand, and therefore sponsorship is often more effective than traditional advertising.
But it's certainly not the business calculus alone. On the question of a culmination of youth sponsorship activities replies Heiko Werf, Managing Director of Baumit Germany with regard to the Euro-Teen Soccer Cup: "The laughter of children. It is an indescribable feeling to host a soccer tournament in which ten teams with 9-10 years kids are at the start. All of them in Baumit T-shirts - motivated, excited and in a really good mood."