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Europa's Houses are Smiling

If a façade lights up especially brightly, then you can be sure that it has Nanopor photokat on it.

The new Nanopor photokat is on the market:


Europe's Houses are Smiling

If a façade lights up especially brightly, then you can be sure that it has Nanopor photokat on it.


The revival of the classic façade

A house is a project for generations, the façade should be modern, but should stand the test of time. With glass and concrete you very quickly reach the limits of what is possible. Concrete always looks the same, and glass and metal weather relatively quickly and are difficult to update. Plaster façades have the advantage of being timeless, flexible and easy to replace. And added to this is the anti-dirt range already launched by Baumit in 2006, which considerably extends the life of a façade. Through the use of nanotechnology, it was possible to develop a façade plaster with properties that protect the surface against dirt.


The wonder of technology

With NanoporTop, the experts within Baumit's Research and Development division have delved deep into the world of modern nanotechnology.  Nano means minute, and is understood to refer to the smallest measurement in the composition of matter, up to a size of a one hundred-billionth of a metre. This is the threshold at which the surface areas in comparison to the volumetric properties of a material become increasingly important, and quantum physical effects increasingly occur.

For Baumit NanoporTop this means that the surface has a nanoporous structure. These nanopores are so tiny that dust particles find it difficult to settle. The few that do manage to settle are removed from the façade as a result of the influence of sun, rain and wind.


Self-cleaning using the power of light.

What is better is the enemy of what is good. So the Baumit engineers went one further and at the start of the year they brought the ultimate product to the façade market, in the form of Baumit Nanopor photokat.

Here, in addition to the nanostructure, a new photocatalyst uses the power of light to produce an additional self-cleaning effect.  With self-cleaning by means of photo catalysis, Baumit Nanopor photokat now offers additional active protection against organic contamination, which can be caused by air humidity and rain. This mean gleaming beauty for façades and sustainable cleanliness – and thus value retention and no maintenance over long periods of time.


Anti-aging for façades

Daylight activates the photo catalyst integrated in the plaster. This reacts with water and oxygen and repels the dirt particles resting on the surface. The sun allows the surface to dry off more quickly and loosens the initial dirt particles, such as algae and fungi. Rain washes the dirt particles away, as they cannot grip onto the smooth surface. And the photo catalyst contained in the façade is not worn away during this process either. The result is a dirt-resistant surface that remains permanently beautiful.

Pictures description:

- The surface of a traditional façade plaster encourages dirt particles to settle.

- The microscopic, smooth surface of Baumit NanoporTop with photo catalysis makes it difficult for dirt particles to settle.