Ideas with a future.
Colour researcher Prof. Axel Venn presenting trend research at the Baumit [B]AUSSEE future forum for construction in January 2013.

White is banned!

Colour as a means of differentiation and individualisation is becoming increasingly important in construction.

Trend research


White is banned!


Colour as a means of differentiation and individualisation is becoming increasingly important in construction. The findings of colour researcher Prof. Axel Venn, who in mid-January 2013 spoke at the first [B]AUSSEE future forum for construction in Bad Aussee (Austria), correspond precisely with the most recent innovations from Baumit. Read where the trends are heading and what Baumit are making of this.


Trends can be subdivided into short trends (duration of one to two seasons), mega-trends (duration of five to six years) and giga-trends (duration of up to 30 years).


The term "Heimatlichkeit", or 'homeland/home' is currently a mega-trend. A survey in Austria resulted in the following ranking: The Austrians understand the notion of "Heimat" (home/homeland) to entail 10. hospitality, 9. the Danube waltzes 8. skiing, 7. Mozart, 6. dialects, 5. lakes, 4. St. Stephen's Cathedral, 3. Cosiness, 2. Forests and in 1st place: mountains.

The following trend is true worldwide: Whereas cars and cruises were previously sought-after status products, today the trend is for investment in your home.


There's no place like home.

Those who like going out are now meeting at people's homes, people talk about home cooking rather than international cuisine, we are looking for inwardness, security, safety. "Security rather than experimentation" is the motto in times of crisis. Young people are growing up later, and want to remain a child and live at home for as long as possible. They only enter the adult world at age 40. At the same time, the purchasing power of the 60-plus generation is increasing significantly. With this trend towards the safety of home, investments in one's own home are also increasing Europe-wide.


"Order and location are the most important values in terms of design."

The clear structuring of life provides further security. Nowadays this trend is having a very strong impact on architecture. Baumit supports this trend by providing innovative products such as CreativTop. With Baumit CreativTop, façades can be individually designed, both structurally and in terms of colour.


"White is banned."

By his own admission, those of Axel Venn's friends who furnish their homes in white are de facto no longer his friends. According to Venn, white is "the decision to forego millions of possibilities to express oneself". "If I were the 'minister of taste', I would ban white.

It is an unnecessary sacrifice of so much conversation and atmosphere," says Venn.


"Glass breaks."

Glass façades are not finding any favour in the discerning eyes of the colour trend researcher either: "Glass doesn't change, it simply becomes unsightly and breaks. Buildings must be given a new face, must be sculpted and you have to be able to touch them again.

"The Baumit innovation researchers fully share your view, Professor Venn, and are

continually bringing out new materials that make life more beautiful, more colour-intensive and rich in opportunity.


Current short trends

Generally speaking, short trends last for no more than one season and are very commercial. Currently in vogue:

Trend 1: graphic sample, airiness, resource preservation, neon tones

Trend 2: flower power, soft forms, floral designs

Trend 3: pure & simple, natural life, the surfaces are structured and have a "topography".

Trend 4: soft, round; everything that can be stroked, eclectic colours.

Trend 5: blue world


Mega-trend of the archaic

The mega-trend of the archaic does away with the fear of the virtual, globalised world. There is no safer investment than a house. The topography of structured surfaces plays a major role, particularly in the trend for the archaic. The beautiful haptic quality is increasing in importance. Here, Baumit Creativ-Top comes into play once again: the innovative, ready-to-apply putty, which can be dyed to match all of the different Baumit Life colour tones, brings the "façade of unlimited possibility" within reach.


Pictures description

- Graphic sample combined with neon colour, flower power, natural life and topography, soft and round – and finally the blue world. A "short trend", at least for now.

- Professor for Colour Design and Trend Scouting at the University of Applied Science and Art, Design Faculty, Hildesheim and curator of the German Colour Centre, as well as a member of "The Mix" London. His expertise is globally sought after among international corporations.