Ideas with a future.
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1810 First mention of a lime kiln on the main road to Gutenstein, Austria.
1911 Registration of the Wopfing Stone and Lime Works in the Commercial Register. At that time there were two lime kilns and an office building.
1920 Commissioning of the first mechanical crushing plant.  Prior to this the limestone was crushed by hand.
1939 Alois Schmid buys the failing Wopfing Stone and Lime Works.
1957 Engineer Hermann Hofer invents the world's first 2-chamber lime kiln for energy-saving lime production.
1963 Commissioning of the first Maerz three-shaft lime kiln.
1969 At the age of just 26, Friedrich Schmid takes over the management of the Wopfing Stone and Lime Works.
1970 Dry mortar production begins in Wopfing.
1972 Development of paste-form decorative plasters.
1979 Production of full thermal protection systems begins.
1980 Friedrich Schmid inaugurates the Wopfing Cement Works.
1988 Dieter Kern (wup) and KR Friedrich Schmid (Wopfing) found the "Baumit" building materials.
1990 The first foreign subsidiary is established: Baumit Hungary (Dorog).
1992 Establishment of Baumit Czech Republic (Brandys nad Labem).
1993 Establishment of Baumit Poland (Wrocław).
1994 Establishment of Baumit Romania (Bucharest) and Baumit Slovakia (Bratislava).
1995 Establishment of Baumit Bulgaria (Elin Pelin).
1997 Establishment of Baumit Germany (Coswig).
1999 Baumit develops the "Baumit open® - Die KlimaFassade" breathable thermal insulation composite system.
2002 Commissioning of Europe's largest wet plaster works in Wopfing.
2003 The company Schmid Industrie Holdings acquires 100% of Bayosan in Germany (Bad Hindelang).
2005 Establishment of Baumit China (Shanghai) and introduction of Baumit StarTrack – the revolution in façade technology.
2006 Baumit develops Baumit Nanopor - the self-cleaning façade.
2007 Establishment of Baumit Turkey (Istanbul), Baumit Ukraine (Kiev) and Baumit Switzerland (Tagelswangen). In the same year, Baumit launches the "Healthy Living" product range with Baumit Klima.
2008 Robert Schmid takes over the management of the Wopfing Stone and Lime Works. Baumit also establishes Baumit Spain in (Madrid).
2011 Baumit develops Europe's most comprehensive colour system for facades - Baumit Life with 888 colours.
2012 Introduction of Baumit CreativTop for individual, creative façade design.
2013 Establishment of Baumit France (Chelles/Paris).
2014 Improved development of Baumit Nanopor - self-cleaning using photocatalysis and without the use of biocides.


„We want everybody to live in beautiful,
energy-saving and healthy surroundings.“

Healthy, energy-conscious and beautiful surroundings enhance people's quality of life.  Our four walls provide protection for our family. This is where we relax and recharge our batteries in order to face the demands of everyday life.



Quality management and environmental protection have been part of the founding corporate philosophy of the two parent companies for decades and are consistently implemented in all Baumit works.

Our principles of corporate governance are oriented towards economic and ecological goals. The forward-looking and sustainable use of resources, minimizing energy consumption and emissions and optimizing raw material and fuel use are tasks to which we give priority.


"Baumit is the comprehensive term for expertise in construction, for modern, high-quality products, for dynamic, innovative companies, for future-oriented marketing!"

Friedrich Schmid & Dieter Kern 1988

An extensive range of quality products, reliable delivery and a great brand guarantee that the company has satisfied customers and assured business success.



Our research and development department represents the heart of the company.  It is the place where ideas with a future are developed and brought to market.  Our research and development departments are working on that as well as on product development.


Considerate management of natural resources is always at the centre of our production process.  Environmental protection has been part of the Baumit corporate mission statement for decades.

Developing new concepts and ideas through which our products can themselves contribute to reducing emissions and energy consumption, such as Baumit ETICS, is Baumit's ultimate goal.



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We are always looking for enthusiastic and flexible women and men to strengthen the dynamic team in our expanding company. If you look forward to new challenges, please send us your application, stating your motives for application, accompanied by your CV to: Maria Böhm (