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From Teen to Twen: Baumit Bulgaria is 20!

A lucky day for the team of Baumit Bulgaria. They were celebrating 20 successful years of Baumit in Bulgaria, a festival of colors and emotions.

From Teen to Twen: Baumit Bulgaria is 20.


A lucky day for the Baumit Bulgaria team. They were celebrating  20 successful years Baumit in Bulgaria, a festival of colors and emotions.


Baumit is today, 20 years after its establishment in Sofia, the undisputed leader in the field of thermal insulation systems in Bulgaria. The long list of reference projects ranging from numerous single-family and multi-family houses, on property and commercial buildings, to historic buildings and monuments.


For this joyous occasion Baumit invited to its 20th anniversary in the National Palace of Culture in the heart of Sofia, to a festival of color variety and vitality. More than 750 guests, including architects, builders, investors, press and employees, celebrated a feast that was his motto more than lived: "Baumit Life - Life is colorful."


A show of superlatives - in the style of the Baumit color concept - full of colors and emotions, was staged to the invited guests to bring near musically and optically a route from the small Austrian trading company to the biggest dry mortar manufacturer in Bulgaria.


"I would describe Baumit Bulgaria with the word 'courage' ', Mag. Robert Schmid opened the official part of the evening. "Finally, it is courageous in a country like Bulgaria, which has not only rich people, to offer absolute top quality and innovation highest level. Baumit Bulgaria among all European countries is one of the Baumit countries that has the highest level of quality and the highest innovation rate. But the relationship between Austria and Bulgaria is a two way street, because it takes at least as much from Bulgaria back to us. Because when I look at the concepts in other countries, I often see that many ideas have emerged in Bulgaria. ", said Robert



Baumit Bulgaria CEO Nikolay Bachvarov afterwards gave an outlook on the future development of the company: "Baumit is not only selling building materials. Baumit will deliver 'speed' to the site. The most important thing, Baumit will solved in the future more and more problems at the site, facilitating the planners project execution and thereby give the investors a sense of calm and security. "

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