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Baumit Metallic

Baumit Metallic

(Ready to use, metallic finish paint, for decorative wall and facade design. Application with a lambskin roll or spray.)

Ready-to-apply, highly resistant metallic coating Application using a lambswool roller or by means of spraying – see product datasheet.

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  • Elegant glaze

    Ecological metallic paint on dispersion base for achieving interesting details.

  • For decorative highlights

    Coat suitable for use in interiors and exteriors on façades.

  • Imitation of metallic surfaces

    Highly durable coating against weather influences, also suitable for application to façades.

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In order to achieve a uniform appearance and an even thickness, we recommend spraying Baumit Metallic, especially on large surfaces.

Make your façade more interesting with a metallic sheen, and choose an individual external appearance!