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Baumit NanoporTop

Baumit NanoporTop

(Self-cleaning, pollution resistant, ready-to-use outdoor render. Baumit photokat technology creates max protection against contamination using power of light. Mineral based, highly vapour permeable.)

Protection and enhancement of façades and façade surfaces over old and new mineral plasters and fillers, on concrete, when preserving historical monuments, during renovations and as a topcoat with Bau

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  • Self-cleaning

    Unique self-cleaning façade render suitable for all façades including thermal insulation systems.

  • Photocat effect

    The highly vapour-permeable surface of the plaster is microscopically smooth and resistant to contaminant deposits.

  • High durability

    Thanks to new Nanopor Photokat technology, the façade has increased protection against organic dirt.

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The photocatalysis is activated by sunlight shining on the façade surface and thus prevents organic dirt particles settling.

Due to its characteristics, Baumit Nanopor façade render is suitable for all plastering and thermal insulation systems with any insulant in the substrate.

Baumit NanoporTop photokat

    • Baumit NanoporTop photokat
      Baumit NanoporTop photokat

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