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Baumit StarTrack Orange

Baumit StarTrack Orange

(Mechanical fixing for porous concrete and critical substrates)

Additional mechanical fixing alternative to standard dowelling, used specifically in the case of perforated building materials, porous concrete and critical substrates. Existing old plaster up to a max. of 40 mm can be bridged over. Drill bit Ø: 8 mm. Assembly: Bit Torx T 30.

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  • Designed specifically for renovation work

  • Extremely reliable setting

  • Designed specifically for porous concrete

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Use: Position the Baumit KlebeAnker Orange on the surface, covering a maximum area of 40 x 40 centimetres, a maximum of 10 centimetres horizontally from the base profile and vertically from the building edges. Mark the pattern, for example using a chalk line or an anchor plumb line. The Baumit KlebeAnker must be positioned on the load-bearing substrate. Only use a hammer drill or a percussion drill with solid building materials.

Application: The Baumit KlebeAnker Orange is anchored directly in the brickwork and adhesive patches are applied wet-on-wet before the insulation boards are stuck on. This creates additional composite adhesion points, which are securely adhered to the substrate. Instead of fixing six dowels per square metre through the insulation material as before, the Baumit thermal insulation composite system is adhered on six KlebeAnker fittings per square metre. The high-quality Baumit adhesive makes an important contribution to the function of the Baumit KlebeAnker Orange in the system.

Data: Anchoring depth: in load-bearing substrate: ≥ 40 mm in porous concrete: ≥ 65 mm Shaft length: 88 mm Borehole depth: at least 95 mm Rate of product consumption: approx. 6 StarTrack Orange fittings per m²