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Baumit ProTherm

Baumit ProTherm

(Façade insulating panels made from EPS (expanded polystyrene))

Façade insulating panels made from EPS (expanded polystyrene) in accordance with ÖNORM EN 13163, with good thermal insulation properties. EPS-F in accordance with ÖNORM B 6000. System component of the Baumit EPS ETICS system. For system class see product datasheet. Format 50 x 100 cm.

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  • Simple application

  • Good thermal insulation

  • Affordable

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The thermal insulation is installed up to ground level: it is then essential to use XPS base insulating boards or EPS Perimeter insulating boards to at least 30 cm above ground level.

Levelling of large, uneven areas on the substrate prior to adhering the insulating panels: In the case of thermal insulation installed using adhesive only (without fixation) uneven areas of +/- 10 mm in the adhesive bed can be levelled. In the case of thermal insulation installed using adhesive and dowels, uneven areas of up to +/- 20 mm can be levelled. Larger bumps must be levelled with a separate layer of plaster. Substrate levelling by means of undergluing using insulating panels is not permitted.

Vapour sealing of EPS insulating boards is a myth. EPS insulating boards are less breathable than mineral wool, however, they can allow more water vapour to pass through than, for example, masonry made from standard bricks or a concrete wall Overall water vapour permeability impact