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Baumit PowerFlex

Baumit PowerFlex

(Ready-to-use, cement-free and fibre-reinforced organic base coat.)

Fibre-reinforced, ready-to-apply, paste-form, organic (cement-free), elastic undercoat plaster with increased impact strength for the Baumit EPS ETICS system. Not suitable for the adhesion of Fassaden

More information:


  • Up to 70 joule power resistant

    Undercoat mortar for mortaring EPS insulation panels.

  • Cement-free

    Contains special polyamide fibres.

  • Fibre-reinforced

    Thanks to its special fibre content, this mortar is extremely resistant to mechanical stress.


Baumit Power


Baumit provides highly efficient systems with sophisticated high-tech products. All system components are matched to each other and offer 100% tested safety.


Ideal for use in sections of buildings with high mechanical stress, such as entrances, parterres, and more. Thermal insulation with a Baumit PowerFlex reinforcement layer is also resistant to hailstorms.

Thanks to its flexibility, the mortar is suitable for creating reinforcement layers under façade renders in dark shades with TSR coefficient of less than 25.