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Baumit GranoporTop

Baumit GranoporTop

(Ready-to-use, synthetic resin render for exterior use. Water vapour permeable and very resistant to water. Use with Baumit SpeedTop additive.)

Ready-to-use, pasty, synthetic-resin thin-layer final coat with rubbed or grooved structure for interior and outdoor use. Baumit GranoporTop can be applied manually and by machine.

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  • Wide range of colors

    Acrylate plaster resistant to weather influences.

  • Economic

    Façade render delivered in 5 structures.

  • Universal

    Wider range of color tones.


Baumit Pro


Baumit provides highly efficient systems with sophisticated high-tech products. All system components are matched to each other and offer 100% tested safety.


High air humidity and low temperatures can considerably lengthen the drying time.

In cases of heightened risk of microorganism activity (increased humidity, limited access to sunlight, proximity of forest or water level, appearance of molds and algae on façades and surroundings), we recommend using silicate or silicon façade renders with increased ingredients against the action of fungi and algae marked ANTIPILZ for an additional fee.

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