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Baumit StarTex

Baumit StarTex

(Alkaline resistant, glass fibre textile mesh to be used in Baumit ETICS.)

Used within the base coat render (reinforcement layer) of ETICS and for strengthening general base coat renders and plasters.

More information:


  • Highly alkali resistant

  • Simple to apply

  • Baumit quality


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Prerequisite: the textile-glass mesh structure must be fully covered. The textile-glass mesh must be covered by at least 1 mm (in the overlapping area at least 0.5 mm; max. 3 mm) of adhesive putty. The total thickness should be 3-5 mm.

Red threads, approx. 10 cm from the edge of the textile-glass mesh, enable to the prescribed overlap to be observed - quick, simple and without any measurements.