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Baumit StarContact white

Baumit StarContact white

(Natural white, mineral-based, dry adhesive and basecoat render for Baumit EWI systems. Also suitable as a bonding mortar on to concrete. Complies with ETAG 004.)

Adhesive and reinforcement mortar for Baumit Open Façade boards, Baumit Open Façade boards sound insulation, Baumit Reflect Façade boards and Baumit Reflect sound-insulating façade boards. (reinforcem

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  • Flexible

    Highly flexible cement adhesive mortar suitable for bonding and mortaring all insulation panels.

  • White

    The façade plaster can be applied directly on the reinforced layer.

  • Topcoat without primer

    With excellent applicability, with guaranteed long life and rapid curing period.


Baumit Star


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Baumit StarContact adhesive mortar can also be used for bonding and mortaring plinth XPS and EPS Perimeter insulation panels.

Create the reinforcement layer by applying 10 mm adhesive mortar with a notched trowel to the substrate. Press vertical strips of Baumit StarTex fibre-glass mesh into the fresh mortar with 10 cm overlap and then (or after applying additional material) smooth the surface. The reinforcement must not be visible. Reinforcement layer thickness min. 3 mm, max. 6 mm.