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Baumit Alpha 2000

Baumit Alpha 2000

(Calcium sulphate floating screed E 225 (EN 13813 CA-C20-F4)

Ready-mixed calcium sulphate floating screed E 225 (EN 13813 CA-C20-F4) as a floating, sliding and composite screed for machine application and increased area coverage. Suitable for underfloor heating

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  • Optimised for underfloor heating

    Class CA-C20-F5 gypsum flowing screed compliant with STN EN 13 813.

  • Resistant to cracks

    Self-levelling flowing screed for manual and machine application.

  • Low shrinkage

    For application in interior spaces such as residential areas, including kitchens and bathrooms.

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Self-levelling screed Baumit Alpha 2000 is not suitable to wet areas such as garages, swimming pools, cooking facilities, public showers etc. In this case we recommend using Baumit Poter cement screed.

Baumit Alpha 2000 self-levelling screed is also suitable for floor heating. In this case it is necessary to maintain a screed depth of min. 35 mm + diameter of the heating system pipes. Screed is applied in two working steps. First, pour a layer of screed along the upper level of the pipes. After pouring the first layer, typically on the following day, moisten the first layer and pour the second layer of screed at a thickness of approx. 35 mm.