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Baumit Nivello 10

Baumit Nivello 10

(Self-levelling, cement-based levelling putty)

Ready-mixed, self-levelling, low-emission, cement-based levelling putty . For the quick levelling of uneven concrete and screed indoor surfaces (for cement screed and calcium sulphate flowing screed),

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  • Self-levelling

    Self-levelling mortar on cement base for leveling the surface of cement screeds.

  • Quick

    Balancing a substrate with up to 10 mm thickness before laying floor coverings.

  • Also cement-based

    For all living areas including kitchens and bathrooms.

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The freshly applied self-levelling mortar must be homogenized and aerated using an aerating roller.

Use a suitable bonding primer prior to bonding, Baumit Grund for absorbent substrates or Baumit SuperGrund for non-absorbent substrates.