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Baumit Solido E225

Baumit Solido E225

(Cement screed E 225 (EN 13813 CT-C20-F4))

Ready-mixed cement screed E 225 (EN 13813 CT-C20-F4) for floating, sliding and composite screed, suitable for underfloor heating without the use of additives. Also suitable for outdoor use.

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  • Suitable for underfloor heating

    Under floor carpets, laminate, parquetry, tiles, for all standard areas also with higher moisture content.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

    Suitable for use on floors with floor heating. Ensures good and fast heat transfer.

  • For all flooring types

    Manually in gravity-fed or continuous mixer, equipped with suitable machinery.

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Where the coat is overlapping with the base needs to be treated with suitable penetration coat such as Baumit Grund or SuperGrund.

In order to ensure the free movement of the screed panel from the vertical structures, it is necessary to separate the screed with flexible tape, e.g. Baumit PE edge expansion tape.