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Baumit GalaDur plus

Baumit GalaDur plus

(Efflorescence-free, fibre-reinforced mortars for gardens, ponds and biotopes)

Lime efflorescence-free, ready-mixed, fibre-reinforced, sulphate-resistant, frost-resistant dry-mixed concrete of strength class C16/20 as socket concrete, bedding mortar in indoor and outdoor areas,

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  • Fibre-reinforced

    Concrete mixture also suitable as a mortar bed, mortar for jointing

  • Sulphate-resistant

    Concrete mix is resistant to lime efflorescence, and resistant to effects of sulfides and salts.

  • Efflorescence-free

    For brickwork and formation of garden ponds, environmental installations and small fish ponds.

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When using as mortar bed for paving apply required amount of mortar and level with a screed. Then press the tiling elements into the fresh bed, tap into place, and level. Take car to maintain sufficient density. To increase adhesion of the paving to the mortar bed we recommend to apply Baumit SteinKleber plus on the reverse side of the pavers in thickness of 2-3 mm.

The special adhesive may cause a temporary blue-green coloration. This coloration is not a fault, but a sign of the optimum strengthening of mortar. Mortar will return again to grey-beige colour after curing.