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Baumit SuperGrund

Baumit SuperGrund

(Primer for use on non-absorbent and absorbent wall and floor surfaces)

Ready-to-use bonding agent for use on non-absorbent and absorbent wall and floor surfaces, indoors and outdoors. Tailored specifically to the requirements for the renovation of old substrates. All hyd

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  • For walls and floors

    Primer with silica sand and high adhesion to substrates.

  • For renovation

    Suitable mainly for reconstructions onto non-absorbing surfaces such as old paving or old screeds.

  • For indoor and outdoor use

    Especially suitable for adhesion of new facing onto old tiles or paving.

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Mix thoroughly before applying primer. When applying to an absorbing base it is possible to dilute in the ratio of 1:1 to 1:2. Apply over entire area with roller

Curing time before applying further payers is approx.60 min for absorbing bases, for non-absorbing approx.12 hours.