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Baumit MultiWhite

Baumit MultiWhite

Can be used as an adhesive and leveling compound as well as putty for restoration. It is perfect for comprehensive repair of a facade. Facade colors can be directly applied without the use of undergro

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  • White

    Ideal for restoration of surface of damaged façades, insulated as well.

  • Water-repellent

    The screed can be smoothed as a soft plaster, and then coat by a façade paint.

  • For smoothing and structuring

    Mineral screed with fibres, flexible.

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Reinforcement layer: Apply Baumit MultiWhite on a suitable substrate by a stainless-steel toothed smoother. Imprint vertical strips of glass-fibre mesh to the fresh screed with mutual 10 cm overlaps, and then (or after adding of additional material) smooth the surface.

If a soft plaster surface appearance is required, apply the screed in two layers. After sufficient drying of the first layer, apply the second thin layer of the Baumit MultiWhite plaster, and after a slight drying, treat the surface structure by a polystyrene, felt or foam smoother. Total thickness of layer 3 – 5 mm.