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    Baumit Life Challenge

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    • Façade Façade
        • Exterior insulation

          More than 75% of the energy consumption of the average household comes from heating. So efficient thermal insulation is unavoidable if you want to save money, protect the structure of your building and the environment too. 

          Exterior insulation
        • Coatings

          Paints and plasters protect your house, while at the same time giving it a unique appearance. Self-cleaning - breathable - colour-intensive - affordable, Baumit leaves no desire unfulfilled. "Life" the largest paint range for facades.

        • Exterior renders

          Strong walls deserve strong protection for a lasting, durable and beautiful façade. Baumit offers perfectly matched plaster systems for any brick work. You will achieve your goals fast with Baumit MPA.

          Exterior renders
        • Renovation

          Baumit possesses unique competencies in the field of the renovation and reconstruction of historical buildings. Thanks to this experience, countless buildings with a long history have been restored to their former glory. 

    • Interior Interior
        • Healthy living

          Humans spend approximately 90% of their lives in enclosed spaces. And the interior wall constitutes the largest surface in a house, which is why it is worth paying particular attention to the interior wall and indoor air quality.

          Healthy living
        • Interior Plasters

          Baumit provides specially developed interior plasterwork systems for every wall material and for all requirements.  Baumit Ratio - economic and quick gypsum plaster, Baumit MPI - solid lime cement plaster.

          Interior Plasters
        • Tiling

          With its Baumacol line, Baumit delivers a professional tiling range for outdoor and indoor areas. Ceramic surfaces usually represent considerable value. So using a top quality, reliable tiling rane is extremly important.

        • Floors

          Baumit floor screeds provide the perfect foundation for durable, stable and carefree flooring. Baumit floor screeds guarantee even hardening, thus preventing the formation of cracks.

    • Structural work & Garden Structural work & Garden
        • Mortars

          Baumit mortars are the foundation for all construction. Different strength classes guarantee optimal bonding between wall materials, from brick to porous concrete.  Baumit clinker bricks for beautiful exposed masonry.

        • Floors

          Baumit floor screeds provide the perfect foundation for durable, stable and carefree flooring. Baumit floor screeds guarantee even hardening, thus preventing the formation of cracks.                               

        • Concretes

          Ready-to-use dry concretes guarantee the best, stable quality for every construction project. They are simple, quick, reliable and efficient. Baumit Beton B30 for all concrete work in house and garden, including supports, ceilings,…

        • Garden

          Long-lasting beauty created in stone. Dry mortars have become increasingly fashionable for surface design, because paved areas and natural stone walls in particular require frost-resistant products that also resist  efflorescence.



  • Call for Better Insulated Homes

    Call for Better Insulated Homes

    Government call to action not too late to help create better-insulated future

    Call for Better Insulated Homes
    From Teen to Twen: Baumit Bulgaria is 20!

    From Teen to Twen: Baumit Bulgaria is 20!

    A lucky day for the team of Baumit Bulgaria. They were celebrating 20 successful years of Baumit in Bulgaria, a festival of colors and emotions.

    From Teen to Twen: Baumit Bulgaria is 20!